Richard Adams

Born in Virginia, raised and educated in New York, Richard Adams spent his formative years practically obsessing on the style and flair he observed in the homes of friends and family. Starting his professional life in fashion and then to advertising, he finally settled down with his first love... interior decoration.

Richard lived and worked in New York during an era when the city was at its epitome of imagination, creativity and style.

"I met and knew the icons of the twentieth century...... from Diana Vreeland to Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Truman Capote and Billy Baldwin. I even worked with some of them. More importantly, I observed, absorbed and never forgot their special brand of chic - something which is proving more and more elusive today."

Richard has lived in London for many years now. After a 10 year period of co - owning an interior design partnership in London’s fashionable Knightsbridge, he set off to establish his own design firm and to provide his clients with interiors of timeless and easy elegance. Although he works closely to provide them with their usual prerequisites, he also has a talent for helping to persuade his clientele to develop their personal taste and for leaving them with a style of interior that, above anything else, works for them.

It's understood that working with an interior designer can sometimes be daunting. For this reason, Richard approaches each project with the simplest terms and the greatest enthusiasm. Whether it is a single window, a studio flat or an entire palace in the Middle East, each project has his full and personal attention from start to finish.

Company Name: Richard Adams Interiors

Registered Address: 6906 Landmark Pinnacle, 10 Marsh Wall, London E14 9GU

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